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Within a quiet terrain, surrounded by a majestic mountain range. Imagine the journey of a king and his lover to a hidden small village in Pai Valley, the land of seven tribes in Mae Hong Son, The North of Thailand. Reside an alcove bamboo cottage with the leave roof, sumptuous beds and exquisite dining. The village, surrounded by a shooting meandering creek along with the other sounds of nature a natural symphony offering utmost seclusion on the sanctuary.

In the valley, Pai Island Resort is an escape unlike any other. It is raw, animalistic with an air of artistic allure that creeps into every corner of your senses, the Safari-like atmosphere at Pai Island will intrigue, inspire, and indulge the residents in a world of new experiences that go beyond your expectations.


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Romance in the valley

Inspired by the romantic secluded region of Pai, a beautiful valley located in northern Thailand, Five-star Pai Island Resort was created so that lovers of all ages can experience being together in nature. You will smell the air of romance from the minute you arrive.

The surrounding grounds will envelope you with a sense of adventure that is both exciting and safe. Enjoy the privacy inside each standalone villa, a perfect place to soak in the romance of the valley.

handcraft with love

From the perspective of an artist and a local, we are ready to whisk guests away to an unforgettable experience. Every piece of furniture here is crafted with unique details. The seclusion, the quietness, and nature all leads to an experience like never before.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, or a quiet corner to write or meditate, or simply to appreciate the diverse culture of Mae Hong Son, you will find it here.

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Love Restaurant

Our Love Restaurant is where only the finest ingredients are selected for each dish. Not only do we offer northern Thai dishes, but also southern Thai dish and western dishes, cooked from the resort’s family recipe.

At Love Peaberry Cafe, we select only the finest “Peaberry” coffee beans, ground with technical specialty, to present to guests the softest blend.

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Intrigue, Inspire & Indulge

A fortress of bamboo fences, offering complete seclusion, separates each all ten of our villas. Each of the villas is painted in white, shimmering against the lush green of the forest, even at dusk. A private garden, a terrace by the river, an outdoor shower and bath offers the utmost private experience for a romantic getaway. Each villa is designed to offer the safety of a home amidst the wonders of nature.

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