The Story

The Story

A Gallery of Love

Think of Pai Island Resort as you seek for a private residence on the outskirts of the alluring Mae Hong Son. The myriad of routes to Pai is painted in green with backdrops of mountains and hills. The charismatic scenery and lush greenery guarantee a trip down memory lane. Silver threads of rivers intertwine their flow into the farmland on each side of the road that leads Pai, wandering between the unforgettable misty mountains of the province that hide between their sheets an array of flowers.

A subtle melody, the voice of nature and a pretty smile greet you upon the first step inside Pai Island Resort, a world of dreams. Pai Island Resort is synonymous to a realm of imagination, a garden filled with butterflies, dragonflies, and an assortment of scented flowers. Even if time continues outside, in here, beauty stands above and beyond.


Love Peaberry Cafe and Love Restaurant

Even the name reflects the tender and refined intention in crafting each plate. From the multitude of styles present in the cafe, guests are invited into a gallery of love. Its Love Seat designed with one armrest and situated amidst this cafe by the river to provide maximum comfort and romance to all lovers visiting Pai.

Moreover, our Love Restaurant is where only the finest ingredients are selected for each dish. Not only do we offer northern Thai dishes, but also southern Thai dish and western dishes, cooked from the resort's family recipe.

At Love Peaberry Cafe, we select only the finest "Peaberry" coffee beans, ground with technical specialty, to present to guests the softest blend.


Four types of Villas

Seven Island Honeymoon Villas, uniquely styled villas by the creek with private terrace, outdoor bath and rain shower. Honeymoon Suite Villa designed for the ultimate romance and privacy, with a super king sized bed and an extra-large bath. Island Family Villa, our largest two-story residence in the resort, equipped two bedrooms and specifically designed for a family vacation. And Island Owner Villa, a unique villa designed for two couples of guests wishing to spend time together, equipped with two spacious bedrooms and kid-sized beds, an open space and living room.

Every one of our villas was designed to be part of a gallery. Each piece of furniture crafted uniquely with great care to offer guests safety and warmth. Even the bath gel selected is fit for a king, chosen from among the Royal Project. Other perks offered free of charge in every room include coffee and snacks. All of these beautiful attentions to details are so couples can have a dream come true.
Our staffs, experienced in the art of service providing, are here, ready to serve and welcome you as they would a family member.

Island Honeymoon Villa

Honeymoon Suite Villa

Island Family Villa

Island Owner Villa